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Installer here:

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* The program parses the netlog to give your travel history.
* Star names with blue color are unmapped without position.
* You can add distances between the stars to get a travel log with distances
* You can add a note to a stare to remember something special.

Since Gamma 2 no system information are stored in netlog by default. But if you change Elite to verbose logging it will work again!

If you add a line to the network section in AppConfig.xml then Elite will add system positions to netlog again.

AppConfig.xml is in the same directory as the EliteDangerous32.exe file.

For me its in C:\Users\robert.wahlstrom\AppData\Local\Frontier_Developments\Products\FORC-FDEV-D-1001

Search for AppConfig.xml or EliteDangerous32.exe to find the config file.

Remember to Add verbose logging after every Elite patch.

To activate system logging add VerboseLogging="1" in the network section in AppConfig.xml

Here is my netlog section.


Travel history is fun to have and can bu used to give other a route to a system, or to find the way back home...

Route tab searched for a travel route between 2 known stars.'; Read more in FGE forum :